Anonymous asked:

Hi, I just discovered your blog. I trawled through and it looks like you've developed a more concrete idea about your identity relatively recently (relative being the operative word); thus your blog is much younger than I thought it would be. So just a friendly message from a strange on the internet, good luck for the journey ahead and welcome blessings for having made it this far x

that’s very sweet of you, i appreciate it! i wish you well on your journey too, anonymous friend.

[I love your Modern Gods stuff. Keep up the sensational work!]

thank you! i’m hoping to get a few more done at some point soon. hope you enjoy!


what if Brigid’s name
is always a coal on my lips scorching
blisters into my skin
until the words transmute
into a sparking wreath of smoke
her holy flame an exaltation
I do not craft but Lady,
how I sing

the healer, smith, artisan
woman who burns, fingertips to lambent eyes
a coruscation like a hymn
what if she blazes
bright as every dream,
leaves me inevitably quiet,
hollowed and hallowed,
yearning — lips parted — after grace

i am going to cry.